Auglaize Health Funding

Funding for the health department comes from a variety of sources: grants and subsidies from state and federal government; fees for licenses, permits, vital statistics records, and personal health services; and local taxes.

The funds we receive for each grant or state subsidized program is limited to funding specific activities to accomplish specific goals.

Our income from local tax levy funds is a guaranteed source of funding for the levy period, and helps us survive the variability in income from grants and fees. Our current 10-year, 1-mill levy was renewed in May of 2005, and is based on 1995 property valuations. The Board of Health will need your continued support in renewing that levy in 2015, to ensure that your health department can offer the most effective combination of high quality public health services for you, your family, and your neighbors, and can remain ready to respond to both familiar and new emerging health concerns.