Emergency Response Plan

Four Phases to Emergency Management

  • Mitigation: action designed to either prevent the occurrence of an emergency or to minimize the long-term potentially adverse effects of an emergency.
  • Preparedness: activities, programs, and systems that exist prior to an emergency and are used to support and enhance the response to an emergency or disaster.
  • Response: action taken immediately before, during, or directly after an emergency to address the immediate and short-term effects of the emergency or disaster.
  • Recovery: involves restoring system to normal.

Direction and Control:

The Auglaize County Health Department will function as part of the Auglaize County Emergency Management Agency. Since the Health Department’s jurisdiction extends over the entire county, it will respond to emergencies involving a single political subdivision as well as involving the entire county. The Health Commissioner is responsible for internal direction of the Health Department. When a county emergency is declared, the Commissioner activates the Health Department Emergency Response Plan, and the Commissioner or his/her designee will report to the Auglaize County Emergency Operations Center.

Nuclear Event:

Nuclear materials pass through Auglaize County by rail and motor carrier frequently if not daily. The Health Department maintains a Radiological Emergency plan to protect the public. The Auglaize County Health Department can be notified 24/7 by emergency pager. In the event that medication, to protect against radioactive, needs to be distributed the department will activate a modified plan of the Emergency Vaccination Plan. County residents will be notified by radio and television as to details of the plan. Please see the Emergency Vaccination Plan for more information.

Chemical Event:

Chemicals pass through Auglaize County daily. Clouds of chemicals could accidentally be released form manufacturing sites inside and outside of the county. If there is a noted chemical spill or cloud release of hazard to the general public an emergency will be notified and instructions will be given according to Health Department policies. The Hazardous materials group will be dispatched by the emergency dispatch to manage the scene. For more information on chemical emergencies please see the CDC Chemical Emergency Information Page.

Biological Event:

There are natural biological agents in the soils of the county that can cause disease and illness. In addition there are biological agents that contaminate food and water and cause illness. The sanitation department of the Health Department oversees well and sewage installation to minimize illness. This department also oversees food preparation establishments to reduce incidence of illness by poor preparation. The emergency plan also prepares for bioterrorism. For more information please see the Terrorism and Emergency Vaccination Clinics page.