Medical Reserve Corps

The mission of the Auglaize County Medical Reserve Corps (AugCoMRC) is to establish a team of local volunteer medical and public health professionals who work with the Citizens Emergency Response Team to contribute their skills and expertise throughout the year as well as during times of community need.

MRC Overview

The Auglaize County Medical Reserve Corps unit is county-based and functions as a way to organize and utilize volunteers who want to donate their time and expertise to prepare for and respond to emergencies, and to promote healthy living throughout the year. Medical Reserve Corps volunteers supplement existing emergency and public health resources. Medical Reserve Corps volunteers include medical and public health professionals such as physicians, nurses, pharmacists, dentists, veterinarians, and epidemiologists. Many community members—interpreters, chaplains, office workers, legal advisors, and others—can fill key support positions.

Competency Statements

Broad competency statements are generally measurable only over time, or in complex situations; sub-competencies used for educational purposes are generally measurable within the time span of a single class or course. The Auglaize County Medical Reserve Corp will accept into its membership any person with medical licensure including, but not limited to Medical, Nursing and Ancillary or persons with skills, including but not limited to Clergy and Language Interpreters, that will assist in the performance of the AugCoMRC to serve and protect the public.

Professional Liability Summary

Ohio Revised Code 121.404 provides liability protection to registered Ohio Citizen Corps (including Ohio Medical Reserve Corps) volunteers during local, state or federally declared emergencies, disasters, drills and trainings. The statute also exempts a registered volunteer's personal information on the Ohio Citizen Corps Database from public disclosure.

Why become a Registered Volunteer

By registering in advance of an emergency the AugCoMRC has time to verify licensure and confirm background checks to allow registered volunteers to be called and placed quickly in an emergency. Registered volunteers can take part in Health Department exercises and training for emergencies. They will also have input to the direction the AugCoMRC takes. Volunteers who wait until the emergency is declared will need to be processed through at Volunteer Reception Center, wait until background checks and professional licensure can be completed before being assigned.

Volunteer Availability

As with any volunteer system the volunteers offer their services in advance, however, when the opportunity to serve presents itself these individuals may have personal, family, or employment obligations that do not allow them to serve. It is understood in advance that this may happen that is the reason for registering as many volunteers as possible to have a sufficient quantity of volunteers to meet the need when the need is present. Volunteers are expected to serve their home county first if the need is present. All volunteers operate under the ICS command system in a declared emergency.