Food Safety/Application/License

The inspection and regulation of restaurants and groceries has been a core function of local public health since its inception more than seventy years ago. Routine inspections using the FDA Model Food Code, education of food service workers and the investigation of food poisoning outbreaks are used to improve the safety of foods served at our local eateries. The food safety program also inspects vending machine locations, mobile food units, and temporary food services.

Purchasing or Building a New FSO/RFE

The state licensing requirements are extensive and can be complicated even for those that have experience in the food service industry. We strongly recommend that the owners of current Food Service Operations and anyone that is considering purchasing or building a new operation to contact the Environmental Division before making any changes to their operation or purchasing any equipment

Foodborne Illness

Food Poisoning can occur in your home, a local restaurant or at a family outing. The Auglaize County Health Department investigates and tracks all reported cases of food poisoning, including taking case histories of the ill and the testing of suspect foods. Food Service inspections concentrate on those foods and practices that are most likely to contribute to a food borne outbreak.

If you suspect you have been exposed to a food borne illness, first contact your healthcare provider to seek medical advice as needed. Next, contact Auglaize County Health Department at 419-738-3410. We will begin an investigation and try to help prevent the further spread of the illness.


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