Household Sewage Treatment Systems

The Household Sewage System Program strives to ensure that household sewage treatment systems are designed and installed under permit and in accordance with State and local regulations.  We are committed to the prevention of surface water pollution and to keep our Waters of the State safe and free from contaminants by performing inspections, enforcing sewage regulations, and providing education to homeowners

The Environmental Division evaluates septic system designs, issues permits and inspects household sewage treatment systems to ensure that they adhere to Ohio Department of Health regulations. The investigation of sewage nuisance complaints, records searches associated with home sales and general information requests are part of our daily routine.

The January 1, 2015 passage of a new set of Sewage Treatment System Rules at the State Level will have a significant impact upon our health department and Auglaize County‚Äôs citizens.  All local boards of health in the State of Ohio are being required to develop a program to place all existing septic systems under an Operation and Maintenance Program. At a minimum this program will require local health departments to locate all private residences that utilize a septic system and place them under an operation permit. Maintenance requirements will be developed by each individual county over the next year.

Auglaize County is seeking opinions and points of view regarding the development of our Operations and Maintenance plan. If you would like to make a comment or complete the survey linked below we would greatly appreciate the input.