Private Water Systems

The Auglaize County Health Department has jurisdiction over water systems that serve private homes throughout the county. While water wells are by far the most common source of water for our residents; cisterns, ponds, and springs are also regulated by the health department. The goal of this program is to protect not only the residents of Auglaize County but to also protect the groundwater itself from accidental contamination during the drilling process. Well drillers and plumbers that work on water wells must be registered and bonded with the State Department of Health.

Steps to apply for a Water Well Permit:

  • You may either apply in person at the Auglaize County Health Department or electronically download and return a well permit application to this office. As part of this application you will be required to provide a site plan of the property, noting the proposed location of the new well from lot lines, septic tanks, driving surfaces and other potential sources of contamination.
  • After an initial interview, the homeowner may sign, date and pay for the permit in person or include the fees ($250) with the mailed permit application.
  • A Sanitarian will make a site visit to your property to confirm that the proposed well location complies with all of the isolation distances prescribed in the regulations.
  • After the well is drilled, well pump is set and plumbing has been run into the home, the well water can then be tested. Please note that it is the responsibility of both the well driller and the plumbing contractor to chlorinate/disinfect the well once they complete their portion of the work. The well driller and pump installer/plumber must also submit a well log and completion form to the local health department.
  • After the work has been completed, water system chlorinated and the paper work submitted to this office, a water sample will then be taken to determine if the well can be used for drinking purposes. Please contact this office when you are ready for a water sample.