Gold Plate Award

The Auglaize County Health Department is happy to announce a new incentive program in the food program for 2017,  the “Gold Plate Award” !  This is a voluntary program and locations that wish to participate must apply during the licensing year in which they would like to be considered for the award.

The Gold Plate Award is an acknowledgement given by the Auglaize County Health Department to food services that have demonstrated excellent food safety practices.  

This award is given annually and will be based on the facility's performance from the previous year.  

Award winners will be announced annually at the April Board of Health meeting and they will receive a certificate of award to be displayed in their food service establishments.  We will also acknowledge the winners here on our website.



These awards are reserved for operations that meet the following criteria:

  • Have a valid FSO or RFE level 3 or 4 license
  • Send in an application for the award
  • Receive an average score of 90% or higher
  • Have not had a foodborne outbreak or been under administrative action for 2 years.




The scores will be calculated using standard inspections (2 per year), averaging both scores.  Each facility will start with 100 points and be deducted points on the following scale:

Critical Violation (not corrected during inspection)  -6
Critical Violation ( corrected during inspection)  -4
Person-in-charge Violation    -3
Non-critical Violation (not corrected during inspection)  -2
Non-critical Violation (corrected during inspection)  -1