Who Can Refer to Help Me Grow?


Referrals for Help Me Grow come from expectant parents, parents, family members, neighbors, and these other referral sources:

Hospitals, Pre and Post Natal Clinics, Physicians, Child care programs and early learning programs, Local Education Agencies and schools, Public health facilities, Other public health or social service agencies, Clinics and Health care providers, Public agencies and staff in the child welfare system including, Child protective service and foster care, Homeless family shelters, Domestic violence shelters and agencies, and many more!

Primary referral sources must refer children who have been the victim of substantiated abuse or neglect or a child who has been directly affected by illegal substance abuse and/or withdrawal symptoms resulting from prenatal drug exposure.

What information will I need to make a referral?

  • Child’s name and age
  • Parent or Legal Guardian’s first and last name, address, email, or phone
  • Child’s country or residence

How do I make a referral to Help Me Grow

The number is 1-800-755-GROW (4769)  your call will be transferred to the appropriate region.

Online Web referral form:   http://bit.ly/ReferToHMG

What happens next?

The parent will be contacted to ask about their interest in the voluntary programs. Nothing will occur without the family providing consent for participation. With parent consent, Help Me Grow will provide any professional referral source a follow up communication.