How Do I volunteer for the MRC?

Auglaize County MRC Mission Statement:

The mission of the Auglaize County Medical Reserve Corps (AugCoMRC) is to establish a core group of local volunteers who will work to increase emergency preparedness in Auglaize County and contribute their expertise before and during an emergency situation.

Why Volunteer with the Auglaize County MRC:

Registering to volunteer with the AugCoMRC is a great way to give back to your commuity during and before an emergency situation arises.The Auglaize County MRC offers all volunteers access to emergency preparedness tools, training, and guidance.

You are NOT required to have a medical background to volunteer with the MRC. All volunteers who meet the requirement criteria are welcome and encouraged to register.

During an Emergency:

As with any volunteer system the volunteers offer their services, however, when the opportunity to serve presents itself these individuals may have personal, family, or employment obligations that do not allow them to serve. It is understood in advance that this may happen; that is the reason for registering as many volunteers as possible to have a sufficient quantity of volunteers to meet the need when the need is present.

How to Join the Auglaize County MRC:

Requirements to Join:

  • Volunteers must be 18 years or older
  • Register through or by emailing
  • Must ensure Profile Information remain up to date at all times
  • Must be willing to complete the Medical Reserve Corps (MRC) Orientation linked in the application.

Required While Volunteering:

  • Attend Auglaize County MRC New Volunteer Orientation within 3 months of registration
  • Attend Quarterly In-Person Volunteer Meetings (75% attendance is required)
  • Complete all MRC training provided by the AugCoMRC Unit Coordinator
  • Appropriate medical records are required while volunteering, these include: proof of vacciation against Hepatitis B and a negative TB test.
    (The AugCoMRC does NOT require volunteers to provide proof of vaccination against influenza or COVID-19).

AugCoMRC Events:

New Volunteers:


All new volunteers will receive a personalized email or phone call from the Auglaize County Unit Coordinator welcoming them to the MRC and providing additional MRC news and resources.


All new volunteers are scheduled to attend the Auglaize County New Volunteer Orientation within three months of registering. This orientation is a requirement for the AugCoMRC and is scheduled by the Unit Coordinator.

Active Volunteer Events:

Monthly Email Newsletter

The AugCoMRC Unit Coordinator provides a monthly newsletter to all volunteers via email. This newsletter often covers upcoming volunteer events, current emergency response topics, additional training opportunities, and new volunteer opportunities within the community.

Quarterly MRC Meetings

MRC Volunteer Meetings will be held four times a year to discuss upcoming events, past volunteer response, new training requirements, volunteer awards, and new MRC volunteers. MRC Volunteers are required to attend at least 3 meetings per calendar year.


The AugCoMRC Unit Coordinator provides each volunteer with a detailed training matrix that outlines required training that are provided at no cost. The trainings provided serve to increase volunteer knowledge about personal and community wide emergency preparedness efforts. Trainings may be provided as online courses or in-person events. Training are required to be completed within 12 months of assignment.


For additional questions or resources, please email the Emergency Response Coordinator with subject line: MRC Volunteer Question.