High Number of Cases

The Auglaize County Health Department and ODH’s contact tracing team PCG are working diligently to contact all positive cases in a timely manner. With the new shortened durations for isolation and quarantine some residents may not receive a call to conduct an interview within the new 5-day time frame of the Isolation period. 
If you need to return to work, school, etc… and have not received a call or letter of isolation, please speak with youremployer, school, or agency. Providing a copy of your test result showing the date of testing and a copy of the new ODH/CDC guidance should provide the necessary information for you to return to work or school. 
If you have questions, please first look at the Auglaize County Health Department website or the CDC website (www.cdc.gov) for information prior to calling. We are experiencing high call volumes and high caseloads which may prevent staff from answering your questions. 
Thursday, January 6, 2022