Partner Organizations

Auglaize County Family and Children First Council:

  • Who We Are: The purpose of Auglaize County Family and Children First Council (FCFC) is to increase the access, capacity, and effectiveness of services for the most vulnerable of our county’s youth and their families whose needs extend beyond any one youth-serving program. In short, our focus is to “connect the dots” for children and families who are in need of multiple services.
  • Who qualifies for program services?: Any Auglaize County family with a child or youth (age birth through 21 years) in need of a coordinated inter-disciplinary plan to address their unique needs is eligible for service coordination through FCFC. Referrals typically come through provider agencies, but any family has the right to self-refer for service coordination.
  • What We Do - Our work includes the following programs:
    • Help Me Grow: A program for Ohio’s expectant parents, newborns, infants, and toddlers that provide health and developmental services so children start school healthy and ready to learn.
    • Service Coordination: A program for children age birth to 21 years receiving services from multiple child serving systems.
    • Ohio Children's Trust Fund: Services designed to assist in reducing child abuse and neglect.
    • Community Planning and Cross-Systems Initiatives: Bringing together partners that serve children and families to exchange information, identify areas of need and collaborate on initiatives.
  • How We Are Funded: FCFC is funded by contributions from our Council partners and state and federal grants. In addition, significant in-kind support in the form of staffing, materials, and other resources increases our capacity to coordinate services for Auglaize County children and families.

For information about our services, please call (419) 738 3355