Death Certificate

Certified death certificate for an individual who passed away in Auglaize County may be obtained from our office.

Request a Death Certificate



Death Certificates and Social Security Numbers:

As of October 15,2015, for the first five years after the date of death, the social security number of the deceased will not be included on the death certificate unless the requestor is:

• The deceased’s spouse, or lineal descendant

• The deceased’s executor, attorney, or legal agent

• A representative of an investigative government agency

• A private investigator

• A funeral director (or agent responsible for disposition of the body)acting on behalf of the deceased’s family

• A veteran’s service officer

• An accredited member of the media

Individuals requesting a death certificate with the social security number included mustindicate on their application that they are requesting the SSN be included, and submit satisfactory identification to the registrar or clerk.