Breastfeeding Support

WIC supports breastfeeding with a knowledgeable staff and education.

Breastfeeding Education

Knowledge is power. Educational materials are provided to all women who receive WIC services so they know they are able to make an informed decision about how they plan to feed their babies. Breastfeeding classes are also available for those interested.

Continued Education

WIC continues to empower moms after birth. We welcome your questions, offer one on one time with our peer helper or Certified Lactation Consultant, and can provide referral services to local IBCLC’s.

Baby Weight Checks

Baby weight checks are available in the Auglaize County WIC office. Frequent monitoring can be helpful for a baby who has a slower weight gain and gives a nursing mother confidence that her baby is growing.

Breast Pumps

WIC can provide breast pumps to WIC moms after delivery. We have a supply of hospital grade breast pump we are able to lend if needed.

We can also help you receive a pump through your insurance company toward the end of your pregnancy.